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MicroFiber Yoga Mat

MicroFiber Yoga Mat
Product Detailed
Microfiber yoga mat cloth 1 Super soft,durable,Quick drying 2 Bibulous rate is common towel 7 times 3 Anti-grease What is Microfiber yoga mat cloth and Why Should we Use Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past decade.  Originally used in the textile industry, microfiber materials have found many uses across many different industries such as: auto detailing, household cleaning, as hair and bath towels and even used as a dog towel!  Microfiber has special, unique properties that allow it to be customized for all sorts of different uses.  This versatility makes microfiber easily customized and optimized and therefore better than typical cotton towels.

What is Microfiber?

Technically microfiber is a tiny fiber that measures less than one denier, which is a unit of measurement when it comes to ranking fibers.  These ultra-fine fibers are made out of mixtures of polyester and nylon and can be woven in numerous different patterns to bring out different features (such as water resistance or water absorption) depending on the end use.  In the beginning no one could figure out how to use microfiber.  The first use that was found was for upholstery.  Microfiber couches became popular because the microfibers would resist wear well, would repel water and other liquids and were comfortable.  Eventually, it was determined that microfibers could be split and fragmented such that they could absorb incredible amounts of water as well as oil and dirt.  From this point on microfiber towels were used for everything: for polishing cars to cleaning household surfaces without the need for chemical cleaners, as under-garments for athletes and the military and as bath and hair towels.

What Makes Microfiber Towels Special?

You may be wondering what makes microfiber towels so special and why there’s such a big deal about it.  Microfibers that are used in towels are unique in that they undergo a special splitting process.  What this process does is fracture a microfiber into many pieces that expose much more surface area and because of thecomposition these exposed areas will draw water and liquid into the core thus soaking up a lot more water than a typical cotton towel.

Microfiber vs. Cotton

Taking advantage of these properties and combining it with specific weave patterns allow for microfiber towels to be super absorbant as well as faster in drying off and drying itself.  These crevices also have the same effect when it comes to dirt and oils.  Without using any cleaning chemicals, a microfiber towel can clean a surface picking up grease, dirt, and oils better than a rag and 409!  This is why microfiber cloths are used by car dealers and auto buffs when they clean a car.

Why Should I use Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber Towels have numerous advantages over regular cotton towels.  When it comes to drying, microfiber towels dry off faster and can hold as much as 5 times its weight in water.  That means you spend less time drying and can use a smaller towel too!  The same principles that allows microfiber towels to absorb water quickly and efficiently also gives it the ability to shed water quickly too.  This is an amazing benefit when using a microfiber towel in the kitchen to dry dishes or your hands; the towel will last a lot longer before getting soaked and unusable (not to mention not getting upset when you try to dry your wet hands on a wet towel).  Microfiber towels also come in handy when travelling or camping.  When doing either of these activities you’ll want to keep what you carry to a minimum and you don’t want the towel to be wet when you need to pack it away.  Microfiber towels solve both of these problems and will pay for themselves because microfiber is more durable than cotton.  Best of all caring for microfiber towels is extremely easy, just wash them like any other towel (just don’t use fabric softener, it’ll soak it up like oils or dirt).

MicroFiber Yoga Mat

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